The week long Women's Week celebration has officially ended on Saturday and was officially closed by the Honiara Town Council Clerk, Mr. Polycap Kailafa.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Mr. Kailafa said that the program was a "very important event for women and young girls as they are able to freely discuss issues relating to their health and other socio-political issues such as women representation in Parliament."

"It is time our women are recognized and are given responsibilities so that they could contribute positively to our growing and ever changing global society," added Mr. Kailafa.

He emphasized the fact that women have "certain qualities and talents that can be utilized to contribute to the development of a nation or society."

Mr. Kailafa appealed to all men in Solomon Islands to respect the values and qualities in women and not to treat them as inferior to men. He asked that the country and its leaders look seriously at the role of women in the country. "They could be the ones to bring about much needed peace and development for the future of Solomon Islands."