The wives of politicians in the Sogavare-led government have left the country today bound for Taiwan.

The Taipei-sponsored trip for the politician's wives will be led by the Prime Minister's wife, Emmy Sogavare. Also included in the trip are the deputy Prime Minister's wife and the wives of some senior cabinet Ministers.

Speaking with Solomon Times the Taiwanese Ambassador, George Chen, said that the trip to Taiwan is mainly to observe and also to learn some of the things Taiwan has to offer.

"It is a chance for them to see developments taking place in Taiwan and also, because they are politicians' wives, they should be responsible to help move the country forward in terms of development," says Mr. Chen.

He said that while in Taiwan they will be attending training sessions arranged by the Taiwanese Foreign Affairs Ministry.

"As wives of politicians, they will need to learn how to organize dinner parties and also understand various protocols," says Mr Chen.

Mr Chen said that the team will also have an opportunity to visit various charitable organisations and stakeholders.

"This has been an ongoing relationship and the exchange will help strengthen the relationship of our country, otherwise everything is artificial," says Mr Chen