RAMSI Special Coordinator, Tim George said to the Premier of Temotu, Hon. Johnson Levela, that it was a great privilege to visit his province and spend time with the people of Santa Cruz Island.

He made the comments during Saturday's inspection of the Lata Water Supply with the Premier, MP for Temotu Nende, Hon. Patteson Oti, members of the Temotu Provincial Executive and community leaders.

New tanks and a pipeline funded by RAMSI are now delivering a constant supply of water to important government services such as the hospital, police station and prison, and to communities along the pipeline.

Lata's water supply is unique because SIWA has no legal mandate to manage the supply. There were also many difficulties and high costs associated with transporting new storage tanks and pipelines to Lata.

Mr George acknowledged the work of the Premier and members of his executive, the former Minister for Health, Hon. Clay Forau Soa-laoi for driving the project, and the communities who had supported the project and provided labour to install the tanks and pipeline.

Mr George said that while RAMSI did not normally provide direct support for local development projects, RAMSI understood the need for a 'peace dividend', or reward for peace immediately after the tension period.

"Running water is fundamental for people's lives and development. Now that running water is reaching the hospital, police station and prison, RAMSI has been able to progress its work with the government and people of Solomon Islands in the area of restoring the systems of law and order and government services," Mr George said.

Press Release (RAMSI Media Unit)