Tropical Cyclone Judy may have left the shores of the Solomon Islands, but destructive winds and wild weather continues due to another cyclone, recently named Tropical Cyclone Kevin, located South of the Solomon Islands near Rennell Bellona province, and just outside the coral sea.

Wild weather associated with the two cyclones forced the closure of schools in Honiara, with many deciding to stay home.

The shores of Honiara were pounded by massive waves, and the force was so strong a constituency owned vessel, VATUD Star, was pushed ashore. The captain and crew abandoned the vessel, with reports stating that the boat had engine problems and was unable to save itself.

Another unfortunate development are reports of missing passengers when a small boat capsized attempting to cross the waters between Honiara and the Central Province. A search and rescue team were dispatched this morning but so far there have been no reports of survivors, which included children.

Updated report say all passengers managed to swim to safety, including 3 who made it to double island in the central province. Others managed to get to shore as well.

Vanuatu is experiencing the wrath of Tropical Cyclone Judy with its destructive hurricane force winds damaging homes, uprooting trees and causing power cuts.

Parts of Vanuatu will now have to prepare for a new tropical cyclone named Kevin.

The storm originated south of Solomon Islands on Wednesday and is expected to move south-east bringing gale force winds to Vanuatu tonight and later to New Caledonia.

The Fiji Meterological Service issued a gale warning for Cyclone Kevin.

A spokesperson, Stephen Meke, told RNZ Pacific it was a category one and it was expected to intensify into a category two by Thursday evening with gale force winds to have a big impact on Vanuatu.

With RNZ