The Ministry of Health together with countries around the globe celebrated World Diabetes Day with the theme 'Diabetes in Children and Adolescents.'

Dr. Jeffery Hii, the acting Liaison Officer of the Solomon Islands World Health Organization office revealed that diabetes is becoming one of the world's main problems in the health sector.

He said that at the beginning of the 20th century, diabetes was virtually unknown in Solomon Islands, yet in 2007 about 3200 people suffer from diabetes and according to estimates by WHO, "the figure may well rise to almost 5000 people by 2010."

He also revealed that the Solomon Islands prevalence of diabetes among the 25-64 age groups is similar to that of Fiji, which stands at 22.6%.

He also stressed that, "through collaborative efforts we can prevent and control diabetes and other NCD's in the Solomon Islands and other Pacific Island Countries as well."

Dr. Hii concluded that 'diabetes control and prevention is every body's business' with the advice that "now is the time to take action against the disease."