86-year-old Luciana Lighoti has been living in the same leafy patched house for most of her adult life.

Luciana, who comes from Masani village in North West Guadalcanal, questions whether housing schemes consider all constituents equally.

She says from her own observation most housing schemes or projects are given to those that support the sitting Member of Parliament.

Luciana says many families in her village received assistance for housing, including other small projects, but she has been left out.

"Where is the housing schemes the leaders always talk about? why only few people benefit from those projects?

“What about the old people in our community who are unable to walk and who really need support, I think we choose the wrong leaders whose only interest are with those that support them,” a visibly frustrated Luciana said.

"My house was build many years ago and now it is leaking from the top of the roof, and when it rains I have to find a dry spot, sometimes I have to go to the kitchen house.

“I could remember during many previous election and campaigns they promise us housing will be a priority. They come around and put my name on their list for assistance and when they win, I receive nothing

“I don’t know who is wrong. Maybe I miss something, or maybe I hear wrong advice, but I must tell our leaders that I am waiting for the housing scheme project that you promise me.”