The Western Football Association Club championship tournament at Western Province completed its quarter finals.

The quarter finals results yesterday are as follows;

Kokohale (Munda) Vs Golden Sulfer FC (Simbo), 2 goals to nil in favour of the Munda soccer team.

Gossa FC (Gizo) Vs Buri FC (Ranongga) saw the Gizo boys walking off winners with 3 goals to two.

Gava FC (Noro) Vs Camp United (Gizo) with an easy win for the Noro side who walked off the field with four points on their back to one point for Gizo team.

Lagoon FC (Gizo) Vs Vavae FC (Marovo) saw the Gizo Lagoon FC comfortably winning the game.

The semi-finals will kick off today with the first semi between Kokohale Vs Gossa at 11am this morning and second game will be the Gava Vs Lagoon FC at 3 pm this afternoon.

A source from Noro said that the WFA Championship games' grand finals will kick off on Monday 4th of May 2008.

The source informed Solomon Times that a total of 15 clubs from the islands took part at this year's Club tournament.

It is likely a SIFF official referee will be brought down from Honiara to officiate the semi and grand finals, a possibility on veteran referee, David Sau.

The semi and grand finals will also be broadcasted live at the SIBC's regional station, Radio Happy Lagoon's FM96.3.