The West Kwara’ae by-election started this morning, with most polling stations reporting a good turnout.

West Kwara'ae is a parliamentary constituency electing one representative to the National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

The bye-election was called after the death of Sam Iduri, the sitting Member of Parliament (MP) for West Kwara’ae. The late Iduri served as the MP for the West Kwara’ae Constituency since his election to Parliament in the April 2006 election up until his death on 22 January this year.

Whoever wins will hold his seat for 7 months, upon which Parliament will dissolve on 31st December after the 2023 Pacific Games has concluded.

The national general election for members of the 12th Parliament will then be held on 17th April 2024.

Polls will close at 5 pm today, with results expected sometime this week.