A "West Honiara Annual Games" kicks off over the weekend.

The four-day sports event is being organised for youths around West Honiara by the Councillor for Mbumburu, Jimmy Tovoa.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Tovoa said that games will be an annual event.

He added that Honiara City Council has always placed high value in sporting events, and the beauty of the many participating youths representing their zones is a sure sign of dedication in sporting activities "and indeed a spectacular scenery".

Mr. Tovoa reminded youths present at the opening that sports is an avenue for socialization, making new friends, breaking barriers, competing as professionals which, at the same time, promotes good relation and enhance a peaceful co-existence.

He highlighted soccer as a "sport that carries national and international pride in all levels of competition" and urges soccer participants to strive to the best of their ability in the games.

Mr. Tovoa, in turn, encouraged women to build up interests in the game as supporters and participants.

The Mbumburu Councillor encouraged all players to continue with the good participation in sports despite poor facilities available.

Those participating in the games are youths from western part of the town and games for the first arranged West Honiara Annual Games are soccer and netball with lots of great prices up for grabs.