Former Finance Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, says they still hold the majority even though three members crossed back to the government late yesterday afternoon and have been sworn in as Ministers.

Speaking at a press conference last night, Mr. Lilo confirmed that the newly formed Opposition's number currently stand at twenty-six Members of Parliament and that they are confident this number will increase.

The three former backbenchers in the Sogavare Cabinet, who were sworn in as Ministers by the Governor General late yesterday, had, up until then, formed part of the group of Cabinet members that crossed to the Opposition over the weekend.

Their return to the Sogavare government did not seem to faze the eight former Ministers and one former backbencher who remain with the Opposition.

Mr. Lilo confirmed that all eight former ministers and one former backbencher have personally handed in their resignation letters to the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, yesterday afternoon.