As the price for cigarette soars, now more than SBD$30 a packet, smokers are now venting their frustration on the only producers of tobacco in the country, saying they had a hand in the price hike.

However, the Solomon Islands Tobacco company, SITCO, has vehemently denied the accusations saying "it has no influence over the recent increases of cigarettes in Honiara."

Prices of cigarette have jumped from SBD$20 to almost SBD$30 a packet, while the price of a single roll has jumped from a SBD$1 to SBD$2 dollars.

Speaking to SIBC News, Solomon Tobacco's Corporate affairs manager Lily Lomulo says the company had never made any changes to its wholesale prices for cigarettes, "and people can check for themselves."

Ms Lomulo also denies rumors that the factory's machines had broken down, causing a shortage of cigarette supply.

She says Solomon Tobacco has a target in its production to supply to its wholesalers each month and there have been no changes to date.

"Neither the wholesale prices or the supply of cigarettes from our factory has played a part in the recent increase of cigarette prices," said Ms Lomulo.