Outspoken Member of Parliament for East Are Are Edward Huniehu has called on civil servants and politicians to oppose the re appointment of Julian Moti.

"Those opposed to the appointment of Julian Moti as Attorney General should resign in protest against such actions" Mr Huniehu said. "It would be a disgrace to see Moti who was wanted for trial for juvenile sex charges in his country of adoption becoming the next Attorney General of Solomon Islands"

Mr Huniehu went on to say that the Moti saga had resulted in a number of embarrassing experiences which has tarnished the reputation of Solomon Islands amongst its development partners.

"I would like to urge the legal fraternity association and the civil society to condemn the Prime Minister's decision" Mr Huniehu said.

This call comes amidst a strong push by the Sogavare government recently to re appoint Julian Moti as the Attorney General of Solomon Islands.

Mr Sogavare continues to insist that Australia's pursuit of Mr Moti on the sex charges was a "sham" to stop him becoming attorney-general.

Mr Sogavare went on to say that his Government had received documents from the Vanuatu Supreme Court showing Mr Moti's case was closed when it was dismissed in 1999.

Mr Sogavare was quoted as saying that this was a unique case of political persecution by the Australian government.