Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said ‘we are prepared’ for the arrival of our students from Philippines.

The Prime Minister said the three repatriation flights are on as scheduled.

The first flight is scheduled for this Sunday 27th September whilst the second flight will be on Tuesday next week 29th September. The third flight is scheduled for 27th of October.

“At the home front, the National Health Emergency Operation Centre, in consultations with the National Disaster Management Office/Camp Management are putting in place necessary measures to manage the arrival and quarantine of our students returning from Philippines,” the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Sogavare said all quarantine stations have been assessed to ensure that they are up to standard set out in the Infection, Prevention and Control and Environment Health Standard.

“The National Health Emergency Operation Centre also completed a debriefing on a recent flight last week and is now focusing its efforts on further improvement of pre-arrival, arrival and post-arrival repatriation, Standard Operating Procedures,” he said.

Front liners on Monday this week had also undergone a mock exercise here in Honiara ahead of the first repatriation flight this Sunday.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sogavare said our students have been divided into three groups and their COVID-19 testing regime are scheduled in accordance with their respective flight dates.

“The Government is committed in ensuring that our students will be repatriated safely and we will do everything possible to keep our people and country safe,” he said.

The first group of students had their second tests on Sunday and the second group is scheduled to have their second tests today. All these students have tested negative in the first test.

Concerning visas, the Prime Minister said from the total number of 161 that had visa problems last week, 73 students’ had had their visas sorted out.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education are now focusing on the remaining 88 expired students’ visas.

Source: OPMC media