Shortage of water is again becoming a nuisance to the residents of Honiara.

People from different areas in the city complain that long period of water shortage is causing so much inconvenience.

"This is a health risk to our young children as the problem becomes an occurrence on a daily basis," said father of one, Ray Peni.

He said that the responsible authority should address the issue instead of rationing water.

"Rationing water is not the issue, it is about dealing with the matter once and for all," Mr. Peni said.

Residents are calling on Solomon Islands Water Authority to explain to the public reasons behind frequent water cuts that is currently experienced in Honiara.

A mother of four, Almah Mowson said that the continuous water shortage is "just so depressing" for families.

"We rely on water for household running and we need explanation because it is becoming too much when it goes off for a long period of time," Mrs. Mowson said.

Attempts to contact responsible authority for comment was not successful.