Solomon Water and relevant government Ministries are currently investigating a logging operation near the Kongulai water source area.

This follows reports from inspections carried out by SIWA on site that possible sources of the turbidity (dirty water) at Kongulai Water source are due to the current logging operations upstream at Tavilo concession area.

Solomon Water is assessing other logging and sawmilling operations in the same area to compile a joint inspection report with the responsible ministries by the end of this week.

Solomon Water CEO, Mr Ian Gooden said “based on our understanding of the geology and elevations of the area, we can confidently say that the logging activities contribute to the latest turbidity issues we have at Kongulai water source.

“We are currently investigating the logging activities in adjacent catchments and working with the relevant ministries to manage sediments run – off from logged areas.

“Once we complete our assessment we can further confirmed that the logging activities upstream is the underlying cause for the continuous turbidity experienced from our Kongulai Source."

SIWA is forced to shut down supply to homes in parts of Honiara but says it is necessary given the extent of the turbidity. They are monitoring the situation and will provide further updates on the situation.