The Pacific Water Association (PWA) has relocated from Suva, Fiji to Apia, Samoa.

As reported by the Samoa Observer, the announcement was made last week. Alongside this was also the announcement of the appointment of Mr. Latu S. Kupa as Interim Executive Director of PWA.

PWA is made up of water utilities in the Pacific region and private sector membership such as consultants, contractors, suppliers and other service.
Formed in 1990 in Fiji, PWA has twenty-one member countries from around the region with the main objectives of improving and enhancing the water industry in its member countries.

Mr. Kupa, who is the Managing Director of KEW Consultants which is a member of PWA, cited Samoa's being a safe place as one reason for the relocation.
Fiji recently experienced its fourth coup in December last year when the military forcefully took control of the country. Fiji is now under the rule of an interim government set up by the military.

Mr. Kupa also added that PWA is looking at expanding the membership to individuals. In addition, the board is focusing on bench marking and efficiency of services to allow comparison of the utilities' performances.