The government is warning people wanting to join New Zealand's Recognized Seasonal Employee Scheme to watch out for bogus operators.

The Labour Mobility Unit and the New Zealand High Commission in Honiara are concerned that unlicensed operators are trying to recruit workers and demand money from them.

Director of External Trade of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Heinz Vaekesa has told Radio New Zealand International that the problem had surfaced before the introduction of the license and certificate system, but it appears people may still be trying to cheat.

He says both the public and recruitment agents have been warned.

Mr Vaekesa says people must be careful with agents they know and must ask agents to display their license.

He also says people can find out who the licensed agents are by checking with the Labour Mobility Unit and the New Zealand High Commission.

He also said that penalties will be imposed on anyone caught recruiting without a license.