Solomon Islands is back on track in attracting tourists to the 'Happy Isles'.

This follows years of social unrest in the past and the recent April riot in 2006.

Speaking with a reliable source from the Destination Solomon, he said that a boat is arriving on the 9th of March, 2008.

He said that the visit is part of the boat's round Pacific War Trip.

"They had been visiting Pacific countries that were involved in the World War II, which includes the Solomon Islands," he said.

The source told Solomon Times that the boat will also bring war veterans and relatives of soldiers who fought in the war.

He said that for some tourists onboard, the trip will make it their first to visit Solomon Islands.

"Most of the Americans are more familiar with the name Guadalcanal and not Solomon Islands," he said.

He added that most of the veterans and relatives want to visit the war sites of the country because of the war relics and the memorials.

Destination Solomons is liaising closely with the tourists and will be the ones giving tour guides.

"We will provide tour guides in the country, especially to the battle fields," he told Solomon Times.

Some of the areas earmarked for the tourists to visit are the National Museum and the Art Gallery for the arts and crafts display.

He said that the boat will be in the port for ten hours, from 7am till 5 pm in the afternoon.

Solomon Times was informed that although there are no proper trainings for tour guiding in the country, "we try to satisfy our visiting friends with the limited resources that we have."