The Wan Smol Bag Team from Vanuatu will be arriving next week for their provincial tours and training the communities.

Speaking with the Country Coordinator of Wan Smol Bag, Solomon Islands, John Aonima said that they will be focusing mainly on social issues that are more common in the country.

Mr. Aonima said that social issues they will talk about is mainly on teen aged pregnancy, STI's, Domestic Violence, HIV/Aids, Alcohol and Drugs, and Child Abuse.

He said that their aim is to reach out and conduct trainings for people in every community in order for them to know how to deal with such issues.

Mr. Aonima said that their main headquarter is based in Port Vila, Vanuatu and their program is mainly to work with young people, nurses, youth leaders, church leaders and everyone in every communities in the Pacific.

"After our trainings, participants will know how to do presentation on social issues," said Mr. Aonima.

He said that their programs will also look at different lifestyles in the communities, "so that what we go out and talk about will not go against their custom and believes".

They will also produce films on the issues and text books for students based on the social issues addressed.

Mr. Aonima said that they are funded by the New Zealand Aid and all the distributions are all free for the communities.

He said that they will do training in the provinces and participants will attend a one week workshop, which will start next week.

"This is the sixth time we go out to the Pacific and in the country, and next month we will go to Buala, Isabel Province," said Mr. Aonima.

The team's expected to leave for Buala on the 8th of March.

"We believe that our methods will work out because it is based on human behavior," Mr. Aonima said.