Walter Leo, also known as Wally Pazy around town, is leaving for his first tour in the Western Province.

In an interview with Solomon Times, Wally said he is excited to be on his first music trip out of Honiara and is looking forward to an enjoyable experience.

Wally will be touring the Western Solomons with other local musicians like Third World Crew, JT, Litol Rastas, and Deeps 4 Unity.

The musical tour will be the highlight of the opening of the Kolombangara Forest Plant Limited and while there, the group will also be entertaining at Gizo's night spot PT109.

Wally said his aim in being part of the touring musical group is to boost him in the confidence of going on stage and performing in front of a crowd.

He said music has always been a passion since high school days and his love for music is a reason to go into the local music industry.

Wally said the high competition in the country's music industry is the challenge he is enjoying, hoping his mix blend of reggae, hip-hop and his own styles will fit him in well with the rest.

The young musician encourages other young people who are in the same interest to pick up on the hobby as "music is good because it keeps a person away from criminal activities".

Wally said his biggest influence who encouraged him to take up the challenge of the music industry is George Kuper, another musician in the country who is well linked with JAG.

He said another person who plays a part in encouraging him to take up music is his mother, who encourages him to follow his dream and reminding him that it's a "give and take thing".

"Mum describes what I am in now to be a prayer answered because she firmly believes that music is my field."

Recalling his early journey into the musical arena, Wally said he was desperate that he had to "get money from Mum" without her knowing to get himself a laptop so he could create some tunes, "and for that I owe her so much."

Asked if she found out, he laughed and said he did have to work his way through to give back what he took, unknowingly, from his Mum "for a good cause".

Wally, although new in the music industry has a huge following with his unique mix of style with a lot of airplay in most radio stations around the capital.

"I dream of hitting it big in the music industry locally, and eventually build myself up to the international level. My family is very supportive of me, and they encourage me to find my musical dreams."

He also gives credit to his fans around the Solomons for believing in him, and making his hard work worthwhile.