The Leader of Opposition, Matthew Wale, says he fully endorses recent submissions made by the Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Australia, H.E. Robert Sisilo, to increase the current age limit under the Labour Mobility Scheme and the Seasonable Workers Program in Australia to 55 years old.

Hon. Wale says the dialogue in Canberra is important given the need to ensure long term sustainability and efficiency of these programs, hence the submissions by H.E. Mr. Sisilo were timely.

“If there is high demand in Australian urban and metropolitan areas for semi to skilled workers, the increase in the age limit will enable us to fill gaps in Australian industries, while at the same time, the experience and exposure gained will no doubt add value to our efforts in keeping our domestic industry afloat moving forward,” says Hon. Wale.

The Opposition Leader says that apart from the age limit issue the Government should also push for an increase in the total number of workers going to Australia, which is currently in the hundreds, to at least a thousand per month.

The Opposition Leader also urged the Government to look at removing all logistical costs such as passports, medical clearance, police clearance, birth certificates and other requirements, enabling more of our people to try out these opportunities.

“On this note, I also call on the High Commissioner, to establish a unit within his office, whose role is to scout for more of these opportunities in Australia. We need more workers to participate in this programme, so that they can contribute to our economy through remittances,” the Opposition Leader said.

Source: Opposition Press