Member of parliament for Aoke Langa Langa Matthew Wale has said government should consider registering land rights under tribal names and not tribal trustee names.

Mr Wale made these comments when contributing to the Prime Minister's sine die motion in parliament last week.

He said often tribal land trustees misuse their trusteeship when land is registered under their names.

The Deputy Opposition Leader said land being registered under a tribal name will help with the government's land reform plans.

"That right is inalienable, non-transferable, that's the first characteristic, that's the first hallmark Mr Speaker of land reform that we must know. All other rights or interests or lease interests created in the Perpetual Estate you can transfer at any time and any day, but the first one is non-transferable,” said Mr Wale.

“When lease interest is transferred, government should also stop collecting stamp duties so that the tribe on a daily basis get incentives from allowing their land to investors, government and individuals."

Mr Wale says it is important to stimulate constructive national debate on this vital topic and reflect honestly on the situation on the ground in rural Solomon Islands.