Finance Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has lashed out at accusations leveled against him by Mathew Wale MP, claiming he had interfered with the independence of State Owned Enterprises (SOE).

Mathew Wale accused Mr. Lilo of breaching Regulations and Acts of SOE's regarding appointments of board directors.

This is in relation to the appointment of Namson Tran MP, as Chairman of Investment Cooperation of Solomon Islands (ICSI) and Nelson Ne'e as the new Chairman of Solomon Islands Electricity Authority.

Mr. Lilo, in a media conference, explained that he never appointed Nelson Ne'e as the new chairman of the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority.

He said that Mr. Ne'e is appointed under the Solomon Islands Electricity's Act, which gives the prerogative or power of appointment to the Minister of Mines and Energy.

Gordon Darcy Lilo has also clarified that Namson Tran is not the Chairman of ICSI and the position is vacant.