The Acting Leader of the National Parliamentary Opposition Group, Japhet Waipora has described the response to his call on the Prime Minister to stop misleading the premiers on the Provincial Government system as laughable and badly reflects on the highest government office.

The statement of response by the Office of the Prime Minister described Waipora as a neo-colonial conservative for correcting a statement by Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua suggesting that the Provincial Governments are not agents of the Central Government.

But Waipora described the response as a negative reflection on the highest government office for being totally ignorant of the Provincial Government Act.

He said as a national leader he felt obliged to correct the misleading statement by the Prime Minister because it was totally in conflict with the Provincial Government Act and did not see any reason why his statement was derogatory to the premiers.

"It is a fact that the provincial governments are agents of the central government system and this is clearly stipulated in the Provincial Government Act.

He said unless the Act is amended, the Provincial Governments will remain agents of the Central Government. The fact that each Provincial Government depends on quarterly grants from the Central Government to deliver social services is a clear manifestation of the agency arrangement," Hon Waipora said.

Waipora said the provinces are pushing for the adoption of a state government system to be given more governing powers.

National Express