Voters want change, better schools, better clinics, better roads and more investment in infrastructure.

“You have seen the condition of the roads in some parts of the province, it is very difficult for us because we had to walk hours to get to a road that is accessible by truck,” stated one voter in Malaita.

“I just want to see better services, you see the clinic closest to us is a few hours’ drive, so it is a real need, I want our MP to prioritise the health sector because people do not have money to go to Honiara or even to the provincial headquarters,” said Hubert, a teacher by profession.

A voter from Lord Howe says that they just want better shipping service to the Islands.

“We are very far, so we feel we should get more regular service, sometimes food from Honiara run out in less than a month after boats arrive.”

Another voter, Allan, a carpenter by trade, says that they are keen to see more assistance for the semi skilled.

“We want to do our own things, but we do not have tools or anything, so we are trained at vocational training centres but we do not have tools to apply our we end up just doing nothing.”

The sentiments by voters seems clear, they do not want hand outs, they just want proper services and assistance to participate meaningfully economically.

There are plenty of talented man, woman and youths who just need a chance to change their circumstances.