In what represents a “seismic shift" in direction for the Solomon Islands destination marketing, the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau has unveiled its new look ‘Solomon Is.’ branding.

Underlining the importance tourism holds as a key economic driver for the country, Solomon Islands prime minister, the Hon. Rick Hou personally stepped in to unveil the new look branding and logo at an event held in Honiara’s Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel.

Describing the initiative as a “seismic shift” in the destination’s international marketing direction, Tourism Solomons CEO, Josefa ‘Jo’ Tuamoto said the ‘Solomon Is’ branding has been purposely created to be versatile, covering every niche the multi-faceted destination offers and which set these Hapi Isles apart from its South Pacific neighbours.

“We are confident the new branding truly characterizes the destination’s identity, message, image, and positioning and will provide the platform for the Solomon Islands to optimally market itself in the international arena for the next decade or more,” Mr. Tuamoto said.

“The beauty of this new brand is it allows us to attach the ‘Solomons Is.’ tagline to just about anything—be that an emotion, an action, a noun or adjective—and we can also readily combine it to target specific demographics such as couples, honeymooners, families, etc.

“Our new branding is unique. It allows every visitor to target or tag their own travel experience, exactly as they want it to be, in the process making it uniquely theirs and uniquely Solomon Islands.

“This branding is also about touching—touching the past through a multitude of traditional lifestyles and cultural icons that have yielded little to urbanization and commercialized mass-tourism.

“It is logical, nationalistic, unique, easy-to-follow and cost-effective.

“More to the point It checks every mark at this stage of the Solomon Islands tourism evolution and this branding is intended to evolve as the industry evolves.

“No matter how the destination matures and marketing emphasis evolves, ‘Solomon Is.’ is now the brand.

“We’ve made the move to change and it’s the right move.”

Developed by Suva (Fiji) based Webmedia South Pacific, the new look identity replaces the former ‘So Solomons—So Different’ branding which has formed the mainbrace of the NTO’s marketing for the last five years.

The strategy for the new direction has received a 100 percent of approval from the Solomon Islands Government cabinet which was given a sneak peek of the new branding last week.