The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau has launched its first major advertising campaign through the BBC's 24-hour international news and information channel.

The deal, announced by BBC World today, covers the channel's Asia Pacific feed - reaching more than 30 million homes. BBC World is also the predominant channel is at least 580,000 hotels within the Asia Pacific region.

General Manager of the Bureau, Michael Tokuru, stated that it is such an exciting opportunity for the Bureau and indeed for the country. "We are quite confident that the campaign would put Solomon Islands firmly on the map, and attract international travelers" Tokuru said.

The agreement with BBC World provides the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau with a strong presence in Asia Pacific - considered to be one of its most important tourism markets.

BBC World's Client Solutions team produced the promotional 30-second commercial featuring the Solomon Islands as a tourist destination.

The commercials, targeting those within Asia Pacific and Australia, will be seen in two four-week bursts.