People in Mataruka village in the Malango District of Guadalcanal have questioned why their Member of Parliament has turned a blind eye to their most immediate need - the need for proper water supply.

Visiting the area Solomon Times learnt that people of that village use the river for swimming, washing utensils and washing clothes. They are sometimes forced to drink from the river as well during the dry season.

Lawrence Mae, an elder of the village, stated that the hardship that his people face, because of the lack of water supply, makes him sad and also angry. "Our village is not so far from Honiara and yet there is no water supply," said Mr. Mae, who was visibly upset. He also said that he has noticed that there has been a steady increase in cases of scabies and dysentery, "a direct result of the lack of a proper water system," he said.

Mr. Mae said that one of the most difficult chores for the women of the village is fetching water further upstream since it is less contaminated with all the detergents used for washing their dishes and clothes. "Not only is it hard work for our women, it is also dangerous with the rising crocodile population."

Mr. Mae says that village elders have called on their Member of Parliament to take up the issue with appropriate authorities but they are still waiting for any positive response.

Attempts to get comments from their Member of Parliament were not successful.