A taxi fleet owner is calling on the police to investigate suppliers of faulty vehicle parts after receiving numerous complaints from his taxi drivers.

“I have had a lot of complaints from my drivers, so I decided to warn all my friends, and now calling on the police to investigate.

“The part that seems to be faulty, or many have complained about, is the distributor, someone is supplying faulty distributors,” he said.

He says that everyone understands that many of the vehicle parts sold in places like China Town are non-genuine parts, “but they are cheap and they sometimes last.”

“My main concern is not that, my concern is someone is knowingly selling faulty parts, we have identified a few shops and will forward our complaints if they do not recall or refund these faulty distributors.”

He says that sadly such practice is not uncommon, and many have become victims.

“I have had huge arguments with some of these shop owners, once I had to bring my car, parked it in front of their shop, and proved to them the part did not work before they believed me.”