A Vegetable Project Office Centre was launched today at the Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) office in China Town by the 'Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center' [AVRDC].

Present at the launching were Ministry of Agriculture and livestock, Custom Garden Association, Planting Material Network, Don Bosco Rural Training Centre and the New South Wales Department of Industries and Farmset limited.

The key message at the launching was "Prosperity for Poor and Health for All" as delivered by the Director General of AVRDC, Dr. Dyno Keatinge.

The aim of the project was to enable farmers in Solomon Islands to improve their vegetable production and consumption.

Project Leader, Dr. Manuel C. Palada, informed attendees that AVRDC- the World Vegetable Centre had started a project called "Integrated Crop Management Package for Small Holder Gardens in Solomon Islands" in May 2007.

He further clarifies that the project was funded by the International Center for Agricultural Research [ACIAR]. The aim of the project was to increase the economic status and potential income generation opportunities for Solomon Islanders by developing and promoting integrated and improved crop management packages for small holder vegetable gardens.

Mr. Palada stated that they are looking forward for a successful and productive small holder gardens project with the local farmers in Solomon Islands.