Popular Vanuatu artist, Vanessa Quai, will be touring Tahiti, breaking new ground for Melanesian artists in the French Polynesian music market.

As reported by the Vanuatu Daily Post, Ms. Quai left Vanuatu for her three-week tour of the French territory of Tahiti, setting new ground for Melanesian artists 'as Tahiti is known world wide for its vibrant music industry' and 'it is rare for a Melanesian artist to break into the French Polynesian music market'.

'Vanessa's tour comes following a request by the Manahau Tahiti - the organisers of the Tahiti's Ia Marae Te Ao First International Festival where she will be performing live' and this is Ms. Quai's first tour to the French territory.

'Although this is the first time for a Melanesian artist to visit Tahiti, Vanessa's music has successfully broken into the market with her songs 'Galala Kece Sara', 'Transformation' and 'Beautiful Pacific Islands'' and Vanessa's manager stated that the song 'Galala Kece Sara' has been in the French Polynesia Music chart since 2005.

A professional performer since the age of 13, Ms. Quai is well-known throughout the region having performed in Australia, Canada, Egypt, Romania, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia and Fiji, according to her website (www.vanessaquai.com.vu).
Vanessa's biological mother is Fijian and Vanessa also sings in Fijian, the song 'Galala Kece Sara' an example.