South Pacific's singing sensation from neighbouring Vanuatu is gearing up for two days show in Honiara.

"I was here originally for the School of Prophets (S.O.P) at the Kingdom Harvest church but then organizers in Honiara suggested for me to stay back after the Vanuatu team left the country to host some shows, so here I am," Vanessa Quai,20, told Solomon Times.

The visit is one of many to the Solomons for the ni-Vanuatu singer who has been dubbed as "the Region Song Bird" and the "Youngest Pacific Queen in Music".

Asked on how she is managing in her preparations for her shows, Vanessa said it is now all about "not eating much but drinking lots of water to help me when I'm going on stage".

The young Pacific singer who hit the international scene at the age of 11 admitted to always feeling "butterflies in my stomach just before going up on stage but once I'm up there, the nervousness disappears".

"When I face the crowd, I feel confidence rise within me and everything just flows out of me as I sing," Vanessa said.

The singer who takes on Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as 'voice models' and Tina Turner as her 'stage model' said if it wasn't for singing, "I think dancing would have been my next option in the music field and Tina Turner is my stage model because she's very dynamic and aggressive on stage."

She said music is a part of her life ever since she was a child, "especially growing up in a very musical family."

Vanessa who is flexible to sing in many different languages and different music rhythms said that while she has the ability to enter into circular music, "gospel has always been, and will always be, the centre of my music".

Vanessa believed more in giving out positive messages through her singing to her listeners.

The young talent who has been described by the Pacific Islands Radio as "a very popular artist in the whole Pacific region" hails from Ndui Ndui district on West Ambae, an island located in the Penama province of the Republic of Vanuatu.

She is also linked to Yasawa Islands of Fiji through her biological mother.

"My singing talent was developed by my father, who is my manager, Nigel Quai, and my step-mother, Christiane Quai, who have both been my backbone all through my music career," Vanessa said.

Although turning into a successful young singer, Vanessa revealed on a hidden dream of always wanting to be a nurse.

"I have always wanted to be a nurse because, I guess, my biological mum is a nurse and I have grannies working in the field."

Asked on how success has helped her, Vanessa said that experiences has built her confidence and ability.

"I want to be a role model for all the young people in the Pacific who are passionate in music, especially in singing."

She noted on "a lot of talented singers here in Solomon Islands" and encourages them to "go for it".

"For those who have the same interest as me here in the Solomons, they should express it and use it because it can take you far, so go on and pursue your dreams," Vanessa said.

The shows on Saturday and Sunday will be at the Multipurpose Hall, where Vanessa's six-member band will be supported by local musicians including the Scripture Vibrations, Jah n I and Solomon Idol 2008, David Auna.

The next stop for Vanessa and her band will be at Isabel Province and possibly Malaita Province.

Solomon Times was informed that several mini-shows will take place after the provincial trip before Vanessa and her band leaves the country.