A delegation from the Vanuatu National Provident Fund, consisting of its chairman, general manager and investment director are on a tour of the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund.

The three-day visit started on Tuesday with a courtesy call on SINPF chairman
Baoro Laxton Koraua and General Manager Tony Makabo.

In welcoming the delegation to Solomon Islands the SINPF chairman offered
SINPF’s full support.

“We are more than happy to help by sharing with you our successes,” he said.

The VNPF team met with the board of SINPF on Wednesday and will tour SINPF
investments and businesses around Honiara including the Heritage Park Hotel,
South Pacific Oil, Our Telekom and NPF’s new executive apartments.

VNPF general manager, Santos Vatoko said the aim of the visit is to learn about
how SINPF is doing its business and its strategy.

“VNPF is about the same size as SINPF, our economy is about the same size so it
made sense to come to Solomon Islands and to learn from SINPF.

“SINPF has managed to turn around its business after the ethnic tension and we
want to learn from them about their strategy.”

In addition, Vatoko said VNPF would seek to build relations through potential
joint investments, partnerships and capacity development.

With over 28,000 active members, VNPF has been working on strengthening its
capacity with the establishment of a new investment department.

SINPF general manager, Tony Makabo, offered support to VNPF’s investment department, through work attachment with SINPF’s investment department. This was welcomed by VNPF’s general manager and chairman.

“This is the type of relationship we want to build through the exchange of
resources and knowledge.”