The very popular Vanessa Quai is expected in the country Wednesday next week to assist in the tsunami fundraising drive.

Organized by the Malaita for Western and Choiseul fundraising committee the show will be the final fundraising effort organized by the committee.

"Being our last fundraising drive we are hopeful that Vanessa Quai will bring in fans and supporters" said Fred Peter, a representative of the committee. "Vanessa will also travel with the committee when we fly to Gizo to see the tsunami affected areas"

Fans in Honiara have already booked tickets for the upcoming concert. "We have arranged to have tikcets pre booked just in case" a fan said. "The last time she was here we missed out, we want to make sure we get to see her this time around"

Mr Peter said that once the final concert by Vanessa Quai is over the committee intends to formally announce how much money was raised. "We are expecting a substantial amount, it's been a long fundraising effort" Mr Peter said.

Vanessa Quai was reportedly excited to be part of such an important fundraising drive.