Young people of Kavua village of Central Islands Province are called on to "stop destroying PVC pipes to make music"

Deputy Premier of Central Islands Province, Fred Samora, made the call at the hand-over of water supply project funded by the European Union through its micro project schemes.

Mr. Samora said while "a lot of nice sounds comes from PVC pipes, panpipe lovers should respect the newly installed water project and not to destroy the pipes".

"What do you gain by cutting the PVC pipes to make panpipe music?" the Deputy Premier questioned.

He warned that those caught destroying the new water supply will be responsible for new materials.

Mr. Samora said the support from EU is "a blessing from heaven" and asked everyone to respect what has been given to the community.

"We can't depend on aid donors all the time, we must look after whatever they help us with otherwise we will be big losers," he said.

Kavua village received their water supply last Friday.