Some Solomon Islands students studying at the University of the South Pacific are still currently stranded in Nadi, Fiji, awaiting confirmation for their travel arrangement to Honiara.

Reports from the stranded students stated that a total of 17 students are currently stranded in Nadi from the original 35, most of who arrived in the country yesterday morning.

While awaiting flight arrangements, the 17 students are accommodated at the Grand Melanesian Hotel in Nadi by Solomon Airlines.

The source stated that the remaining stranded students were confirmed for the 1st December flight, but were turned away at the Nadi International Airport. The source informed Solomon Times that most of the students who occupied seats on the Monday flight were not supposed to have been on the flight adding that they probably should have been on the Charter over the weekend.

Solomon Times also understood that the Charter flight over the weekend had spare seats, where most students should have been on.

According to the source, most are worried they may miss their transport to the rural areas, as the Christmas Peak season begins, particularly those travelling to Temotu and other Provinces, where shipping trips are rare. Another worry is the lack of finance and the ability to stretch their money until they depart Fiji.

"It is sad to see our school mates proceed into the departure lounge, knowing that they will go home, while most of us are left stranded even though it was not our fault. Since they turned us away on Monday, it has been a fight to try and get onto any flight home as we do not have much money to linger around Nadi while awaiting confirmation," says the source.

More students should be arriving on the 5th and 6th and on each flight, until mid December.