Government sponsored students studying at the University of the South Pacific's (USP) Laucala campus in Fiji have received FJ$375.

The Ministry of Education says in a statement that this should help them "get by while they wait for their allowances."

A student told SIBC News from Suva that those with ANZ bank accounts have already received the money. The student says that only those who have Westpac Bank accounts that are yet to receive theirs.

It is understood that students are currently living on the very little money given to them by their parents which has made it difficult for them to secure accommodation, food and other basic needs.

SIBC understands that the money the students receive now will be deducted from their allowances.

Attempts by SIBC News to contact the Solomon Islands education attaché in Fiji were not successful.

For successive years, students sponsored by the government have had to wait many weeks, well into the semester, for their allowance, causing great discomfort. Despite promised changes by the Ministry, the problem still persists.

"In the past USP would pay our students their allowance and the government repays USP later, but this arrangement stopped when government failed to do so," a well placed source said. "Now that we have to follow the government process it will take a long time, so that's the real problem."