Solomon Island students have begun smiling again after receiving their second semester allowances.

After almost 3months wait, the frustrations are finally over, or so, some would think.

It has been revealed to Solomon Times that only half of the expected student allowance has been received and many students are still quite unhappy.

Some students told Solomon Times, that the allowance is still unsuitable and does not really cover most of their expenses especially on house rents.

Solomon Times understands, that the Solomon Islands students studying in USP, Fiji, have only received a little over $2000 rather than $4,000 or more, that they should have received for their second semester allowance.

"We appreciate what the government has done and we thank them for the allowance that we've received, yet it does not cover our rents and bills that have been over due and the school necessities," says an anonymous student.

"We don't know when to expect the other half of the allowances but for the time being we will pay off rents and bills and our much needed school necessities," continues the anonymous student.