Ms. Margreth Asala Hesao and Ms. Alice Alide Samo, students of USP recently completed their 10 week placement at the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS).

The duo completed their SW200 (Social Work) level, 10 weeks placement at the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport - SINIS High-Performance program with the Wellbeing & Lifestyle Performance (WLP) service – a change of academic learning to practical experience in a working environment.

Both ladies are currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree double major with one on social work at the The University of the South Pacific - Solomon Islands Campus Honiara.

The placement subjects to provide an opportunity for the students to integrate theory and practice within SINIS where social worker roles are required. The programme is aimed at developing a range of essential skills and establish networking contacts.

“The WLP program has benefited us in so many ways. Through these programs we know how to do a presentation and improve building up our confidence, we learned and know how to facilitate workshops, and we know how to approach and address people with higher positions or titles through communication (developing our communication skills), we have interacted and learned to work with the amazing vulnerable people in our communities (Para Athletes).”

"In the field, we the students come into contact with needy people, their issues, and their reactions to the problems [experienced] will help them uncover their abilities to serve. We can develop our ability to integrate information, beliefs, abilities, and values by working in a practice-based environment.

“Overall, we adopted leadership skills, communication skills, computing skills, presentation, teamwork, and collaboration which help impact not only academically but in our everyday lives. This experience will further help us throughout our educational journey and of course in our field career.

After their assessment at SINIS, the girls will continue with their studies as they anticipate completing their program – 300 level where they will be eligible to graduate.

Their course aims to give them the skills and knowledge necessary to become qualified social and community workers – a minimum of 185 hours in a social or community service organization with the assistance of a field educator and the fieldwork placement coordinator are required of students, in addition to 40 hours of course-related work.

Throughout their placement at SINIS they work under the supervision of WLP officer Ms. Misook Ranny as their Field Educator who has been liaising with their USP Course Coordinator Mr. Soro Ramacake to go through their assessment.

“They have performed exceptionally through their internship placement,” says Misook.

"It’s a new experience for both of them and a new place to work and learns previously at government Ministries and social services organizations, but sport is a new setting so they learned a lot in their new environment.

“They have progressed well, taking initiative on the given task. They helped a lot in entering data into VCP from the inductions and doing analysis on it and submitting their task to me. They also produce weekly reports to me from their weekly tasks.
They also had the opportunity to work closely with Para athletes during the Oceania Paralympic Camp.

“It helped them to produce reports and reviews of the camp by interviewing a few of the para-athletes, what they enjoyed during the camp, learnings, challenges and what needs to be improved and it shows how outstanding their work performance has been.

Not only that but they also facilitated schools Talent Identification (TID) workshops with Visale Community High and St John School and attended WLP assessments during the Athlete Induction program for Judo and Swimming athletes.

Part of their work was also to survey athletes they’ve engaged with Touch rugby, Hockey, Netball, and Volleyball and also get athletes' details for the newly introduced Komiuniti Ambassadors Program (KAP) and Professional Development sessions with the Australian Catholic University (ACU) and SINIS Executive Director Aaron Alsop every Tuesdays and Fridays during their placement.

“It shows good commitment and interest in their internship and also their field of study,” Misook said.

“Overall, they did a great job in helping the athlete here in SINIS. On behalf of the well-being team and me as their field educator appreciate their time and effort.

“On behalf of our course coordinator Mr.Ramacake and ourselves, we deeply wanted to thank the SINIS Wellbeing team and all the other staff for this wonderful opportunity and experience. SINIS was a good start for our transition from learning to work experience as we enjoyed the positivity everywhere in the office environment.

“Our 9 weeks were very productive, fun, and full of wows for all the things we learned. With what we have learned, we will carry it forward and put it into practice. Finally, we extend our appreciation to all the staff here for always being available and keen to hear us out whenever we needed help. Always Team SINIS.


Source: Press Release, SINIS