An intending candidate for North West Guadalcanal constituency, Joseph Nielsen, has called on former MP Siriako Usa not to politicize the High Court Order of 29th April 2010 asking him to disclose how he expended constituency funds when he was MP for North West Guadalcanal.

Mr Nielsen questioned why Mr Usa singled out only three persons including Mr Nielsen himself as key parties demanding him to disclose his spending of constituency funds when there are twenty names of claimants in the High Court Order.

The High Court has ordered Mr Usa to make disclosures on May 13th.

The High Court order contains names of 20 claimants but does not include Mr Joseph Nielsen.

Mr Nielsen added that the claimants who seek the disclosures are prominent community leaders in North West Guadalcanal constituency who failed to see satisfactory development in the last four years.

He added that the need for a report is a normal practice expected of any entity that operates on behalf of a certain group of people and a report from Mr Siriako Usa is no exception.

The High Court has ordered that Mr Usa produce records including statement of accounts, financial reports and other documentary evidence by May 13 showing how spent, used and manage Rural Constituency Development Funds, Millennium Funds, Micro Projects and Livelihood Funds during his term as Parliament Member for North West Guadalcanal Constituency.

Source: Press Release, West Guadalcanal Constituents