Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Greg Urwin says the initiatives under the Pacific plan are now being implemented.

Mr Urwin stated that the priority areas of the Pacific Plan are now under the management of the Pacific Plan Action Committee, chaired by the Forum Chair - currently Papua New Guinea. The committee is comprised of senior officials of all Forum member countries.

Mr Urwin says the Plan brings together the region's current development priorities under four overarching objectives of economic growth, sustainable development, good governance and security.

He says the plan calls for strengthened regional cooperation and integration, recognizing that as the change brought about by globalisation intensifies, so should our ability to make our regional cooperation more relevant and effective.

Mr Urwin says that because regional organizations are also playing an active role in the implementation of the Plan, the Forum had committed to strengthening the cooperative abilities by developing a regional institutional framework that is appropriate for these new approaches to regionalism.