The Solomon Airlines has expressed grave concerns at the way in which runways are maintained, with reports of damage to tyres of the Dash8.

"We have had damage to 4 sets of Dash8 tyres sustained during take-off or landing and the initial feedback from the Dash8 pilots indicate that a few runways are littered with broken beer bottles and some beer cans which have had the effect of cutting up the aircraft tyres. These include some sharp jaggered rocks on the runways," stated a spokesman of the Solomon Airlines.

"The aircraft has been running for two (2) weeks now and so far, with our own cabin crew onboard, the feedback from the travelling public has been positive." The spokesman continued.

"We want the general public and those living near the respective Dash8 runways to be aware, as well as CAA and the Aviation department to be alerted, and to ensure that this larger and heavier, as well as faster aircraft need to be free from any foreign objects on the runways."

The Solomon Airlines stated that they have alerted all its Dash8 airport officers to ensure the runway is inspected at least an hour prior to the arrival of the Dash8 aircraft each time to clear any of these foreign objects "just to ensure we have a safe operation for this aircraft."

"Naturally, we want a safe airport and runway operation for all our aircraft and services and it is alarming to see that these matters have the potential of impeding our safe operation...we ask that all stakeholders take notice of our concerns," The airline spokesman further clarified.

"Airlines PNG have raised these concerns with us and we have indicated that we are addressing these issues and whilst the festive season is a time to reflect and be happy with loved ones, as a responsible airline moving into 2010, we are seeking the co-operation from the public at large and all those involved, to ensure we maintain and keep the Dash8 for the two years lease."