One people, different colour clearly depicts well the unique setting of Solomon Islands that consists of not just Melanesians but also Polynesians, Micronesians and others.

While there may be different dialects spoken among people from different provinces, the cultural beliefs practiced are similar.

More to similarities shared among the different race in the Solomons is the strong Christian belief in the one God.

Simplicity in the lifestyle of the locals also contributes to the happy going nature of people in Solomon Islands.

"It is evident to see how content people in the Solomons are, they don't need materialistic stuff to make them happy," Loise Nonia said.

Ms. Nonia said another characteristic common among the people of the Solomons is not being selfish.

"We like to share when we see someone in need and that is why despite social problems like any other country, we still stand up for each other," she added.

Ms. Nonia said that walking around the show grounds, "people walking around with no cash still smile and very happy just to be with family and friends".

She said that with Solomon Islands now going smoothly down the recovery road and celebrating 30 years of independence, "we should all be proud of our country."