The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) of the Solomon Islands has a new program for young people within the organization.

Speaking with one of the UNICEF staff, Steven Maitani, this afternoon, Mr. Matani said that the new program 'The UNICEF Youth Panel' will consist of eight participants representing organizers of the panel.

Mr. Maitani said the panel, a first of its kind to be organised by the UNICEF, will bring together participants from Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood (SIPPA), Save the Children, Youths for Change, Community Setup and the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children.

He said that the UNICEF wants to introduce the program in the country as part of plans within the organisation for youths.

"It is for the youths to provide ideas and to have commitment in the UN program," said Mr. Maitani.

He also said that the Youth Panel will help the UN organizers and other ministries to recognize the youths of the country.

Mr. Maitani said that the three UN organizers in the country want to work together with the government to help on plans of the Panel.

"It is time to empower the qualities of our youths, and also to help women and children," he said.

Information on the Youth Panel has been relayed through local media.

"We want to inform the people of our new program and also other UN organizers and the government to recognise the voice of the youths of this country and to lend a helping hand," Mr. Maitani said.