A panel of National Selectors was appointed by SIFF to carry out the work of identifying and selecting the most talented players to represent the country in the upcoming U23 Olympic Tournament to be held in Fiji, March/April 2008.

With a drawn up criteria for selection, members embarked on their task beginning with day one of the OUR TELEKOM CUP Competition.

As it has been experienced, it had never been easy to select a National Team but with the experience and expertise of the panel, the work has been done.

Members of the Selectors Panel are:

1. Noel Wagapu - Technical Officer/Coach

2. Matai Vave - Coach

3. Patrick Miniti - Coach

4. Derek Taka - Coach

5. Taylor Qorataru - Coach

6. Moses Toata - Coach

At the selectors panel meeting Monday, the members contributed and named 104 possible talented players to be in the squad for the U23 Olympic Team.

Another meeting took place Tuesday where members eliminated players down to 92, after considering the criteria.

Matters affecting players' performance include attitude, behaviour, non-performance, wider representation and selection from all the Provincial Football Associations.

With the second trimming yesterday, the members determined the final number to be 75.