United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says Solomon Islands can lead the Pacific by example on human rights issues and ending violence against women.

Mr Ban made the statement at a Joint Press Conference with Prime Minister Danny Phillip yesterday morning after discussions with Prime Minister Phillip and Cabinet Ministers at the Prime Minister's Office.

The secretary-general praised Solomon Islands for its post-conflict reconciliation efforts saying he was impressed with how "individuals, families and communities are working to bridge their differences and to bring lasting peace to the country."

He says Solomon Islands needs to protect human rights and uphold the law to have lasting stability.

Mr Ban further stated the importance to enhance the status of women and to stop violence against women, saying Prime Minister Danny Phillip and Cabinet Ministers' can lead by example on this important UN priority.

Ban Ki Moon is the first United Nations Secretary-General to ever visit the Solomon Islands since the UN was established in 1945.

He left for Kiribati yesterday afternoon.