A security officer has been sentenced to a two year jail term after pleading guilty to stealing more than a million dollar of soiled notes from the Central Bank of Solomon Islands, CBSI.

According to reports, within a span of just two months, the former security officer had used part of the money to buy boats and cars.

Another portion of that money was said to be spent on close friends and associates, although all deny having knowledge of the stolen money.

Principal Magistrate Stefan Metanomski, in his ruling, says that the charge of larceny by a servant is a very serious offence, more so for the accused given that he works at a bank.

His lawyer argued that the accused committed the offence while he was under the influence of liquor, which impaired his judgment.

Magistrate Metanomski said it is not an excuse given that the robbery was well planned and executed.

"So it is not an impulsive act but a planned act," he said.

A conviction and two year jail term was than imposed.

The sentence was back dated to February 29 when he was remanded in custody.