The King of Tonga, King George Tupou V, has elevated the status of two of the island kingdom's Nobles to Princes.

As reported by the Matangi Tonga Online, on Saturday, King George Tupou V 'elevated the Nobles Tungi and Tu'ipelehake to the rank of Prince' with a statement from the Lord Chamberlain stating 'that with the forthcoming coronation, Tungi had been appointed Lord Bearer of the Crown and Tu'ipelehake Lord Protector of the Royal Regalia'.

"In recognition of these services, the King has elevated both noblemen to the rank of Prince under his prerogative powers in a formal document known as an Act of Serjeanty. Future holders of the noble titles of Tungi and Tu'ipelehake will succeed to these Princely titles."

'In the Order of Precedence they will follow immediately after Royal Princes and Princesses. "They shall be addressed as Their Serene Highnesses as a mark of esteem, and as an invocation of the ancient origins of the Tungi and Tu'iplelehake titles as Sovereign Lords," the Lord Chamberlain stated'.

Tonga's royal family is the only surviving monarchy in the region.