Renovation work at Tulagi Hospital has kicked off with a ground breaking at the hospital compound, by the care taker Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana, the care taker Premier for Central Province Mr Polycarp Vakino Galaigu and the Super Construction Director, Mr Michael Leong.

The 8-month long renovation work will see improvements to the administration building, the theatre, dental, isolation unit, labour ward including others.

Once completed, the community will be able to access high quality and specialised health care at Tulagi, instead of being referred to Honiara which usually involves travel by outboard motor, posing risks for sick patients.

Speaking at the opening, MHMS care taker Minister Dr Togamana said the improvements to the hospital are made possible under efforts to improve and strengthen health systems and services during the recent covid-19 pandemic.

“In recognising the importance of improving health systems, health services and the enhancement of the health capacity and capabilities amidst the pandemic, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, through the World Bank funded Health System Project (COVID-19 Emergency Response) embarked on a broader health system strengthening investment, an investment to support the improvement of a number of our health facilities, which included the improvement of the Tulagi Hospital amongst others.

For this, I would like to acknowledge the World Bank team and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury for seeing our need and for supporting the health sector during our challenging times amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The care taker Minister also thanked the Project Management Unit Team within the Ministry.

“I would like to specially make mention and acknowledge the PMU officers and the technical support team from the World Bank, for their tireless work behind the scenes through collaborative planning efforts, commitment, hard work, and dedication in implementing this project to ensure we reach this stage today.

With this new improved facility, we anticipate that the hospital will provide and upgrade existing services as well as new health care services which have not been provided in the past but will now be available and
accessible,” said Dr Togamana.

While acknowledging both the World Bank and the Government for the assistance, Central Provincial Premier Polycarp Galaigu says their work is far from over.

“We are sincerely thankful for the dedication and commitment shown by all parties involved to ensuring that this development reaches Tulagi. Your commitment to our health sector is commendable.

“As we celebrate this achievement, our work is far from over, we also recognise the challenges that lie ahead. The health care landscape is constantly evolving and we must remain responsive and undoubtedly forward thinking in our approach to meeting the health needs of our growing population,” said care taker Premier Galaigu.

Meanwhile speaking on behalf of the World Bank Country Manager, Ms Annette Leith, World Bank Health Financing Consultant, Michael Mike emphasized the importance of partnership in his speech at the event yesterday.

“The World Bank is honoured to be a partner in this transformative endeavor. I believe that strong partnerships, built on trust and shared values, are essential for achieving sustainable development. This project exemplifies the spirit of such a partnership, where resources, expertise, and local knowledge come together to create a lasting impact.”

Extended to this renovation project, Central province will receive a new installed incinerator, in addition to two outboard motors which were delivered last year to a lower facility to support logistic services from rural clinics and hospital,” said Mr Mike.


Source: Press Release, Ministry of Health and Medical Services