Containers from the Taiwan government to assist the two tsunami-stricken provinces, Western and Choiseul, has not yet reach the provincial governments.

The Western Province Premier, Alex Lokopio said that according to media reports, the containers had been opened and sorted for distribution.

He said that the National Disaster Council has registered the containers to Gizo and the provincial government had been informed.

"But we still haven't heard anything as yet, and people living in tents are in desperate need of assistance, especially mothers and children," the Western Province Premier said.

Mr. Lokopio added that although Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua had assured them during his visit to the province, the waiting residents of the two provinces are still to receive what has been promised to them.

He said that distribution in place as soon as possible will be "very good because we have been very patient long enough and it is a desperate need for those living on tent shelters."

Mr. Lokopio also stressed on the importance of "fair distribution to the disaster stricken areas".